Electronic Image Stomach Endoscope
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Pyongyang Endoscope Technology Company
Contact Address:  Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
Tel:  0085-02-381-5928/5929

Use: For examination and treatment of stomach.


    - Electronic image screen mode by CMOS chip

    - Much cheaper LED lighting mode instead of expensive optical fibre lighting mode.


    - Number of pixels of the former equipment: approx. 20 000~40 000

      Number of pixels of endoscope for industrial use (ductile): 410 000~1 200 000

    - It's able to record with static and dynamic images and compatible with any computer.

    - The front part is designed to be curved by 160°, 100° and 90° upwards, downwards, to the right and left respectively.

    - It is handy to carry and can be used for 3 hours with built-in battery.