Pyongyang Endoscope Technology Company

Established on Sep. 16th, Juche 95(2006)

The Pyongyang Endoscope Technology Company has developed a variety of ultramodern endoscopes after a decade-long study.

The endoscopes manufactured by the Company are widely used in public health,

biology, industry and scientific research and enjoy popularity among the customers for

their superior specifications and convenience.

In particular, the image quality of the endoscopes for medical use has been improved

by over ten times (from 3 000~30 000 pixels to 30 000~300 000 pixels) as a result of

transforming the old optical fiber mode into the electronic image screen mode by CMOS


The endoscopes can also record with static and dynamic images and display them

randomly, thereby providing convenience for the examination, operation and consultation

for patients.

The Pyongyang Endoscope Technology Company is now putting its every possible

effort into scientific research so as to improve the quality of the products and catch up

with advanced technical level in technical specification.

   Add:  Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

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Pyongyang Endoscope Technology Company
Pyongyang Endoscope Technology Company
Bronchus Fiberscope
Electronic Image Duodenum Endoscope
Electronic Image Stomach Endoscope
Flexible Endoscope (for industrial use)
Lacteal gland scope
Lacrymal gland scope
Hard Curved Endoscope (for industrial use)
Hard Endoscope (for industrial use)