Set No.774
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Contact Address:  Sokha-dong No. 1, Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province, DPR Korea
Tel:  00850-2-18111(신의주)0304


The set includes the anti-aging cosmetics to fulfil the people’s wish to retain their youth. They contain less irritating and natural actives effective in retarding the aging process of the skin and restoring the damage by aging, thus enhancing the permeability of functional and nutritive materials to remove aging factors such as melanogenesis and peroxidation and maintain normal skin moisture.

The set includes lotion, nourishing liquid, liquid cream, hair tonic, nourishing cream, cream and liquid foundation.


Apply in the order of lotion, nourishing liquid, liquid cream, cream, and liquid foundation. Nourishing cream is recommended in the evening. Apply hair tonic after hair wash.