Wrinkle Eye Cream No. 763
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Contact Address:  Sokha-dong No. 1, Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province, DPR Korea
Tel:  00850-2-18111(신의주)0304

Main ingredients: Ganoderma Culture Liquid, Nanoized Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Kaesong Koryo Insam Extract, Vitamin E, Perfume


The eye cream contains effective elements obtained from Ganoderma, famous medicinal herb, by means of bioengineering and nano technologies. They work in cooperation with nanoized collagen and hyaluronic acid known as natural moisturizing agent in accelerating the synthesis of collagen and elastin and inhibiting their decomposition, thus helping the skin have smooth and elastic structures and maintain them. It prevents the formation of wrinkles around eyes and other parts of the face and improve the skin to look young and healthy.


After applying lotion, rub the eye cream around eyes, forehead and other wrinkle-prone areas in the direction of wrinkles until it is fully absorbed.