Shampoo 2453
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Korea Cosmetics Trading Company
Contact Address:  Sokha-dong No. 1, Sinuiju, North Phyongan Province, DPR Korea
Tel:  00850-2-18111(신의주)0304

Net WT: 150ml

Main ingredients: Polyoxyethylene ether, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Ammonium lauryl sulfate, Coca midpropyl betain, coconut oil, fatty acid diethanolamide, Cationic polymer, Emulsion Silicone oil, Polydimethyl siloxane, Hydrolytic protein, Zinc pyridione, Cetyl alcohol, Salt, Antiseptic and Fragrance


It keeps the hair soft and silky, removing contaminants on it.

In particular, gives no stimulation to the hair cuticles or damage to the hair strands, removing dandruff and preventing itching.