Unhasu beer(8°)
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Kyonghung Unhasu Beverage Factory
Contact Address:  Chukjon-dong No.1, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang,DPR Korea
Tel:  850-2-3815926

Brewed with not only water from the Taedong River in pollution-free Pyongyang, barley malt, hops and yeast but also modern brew and zymotic equipment as well as momentary high temperature sterilization technique, Unhasu beer is the best in terms of quality, taste and hygienic safety.

This beer is as low heat, low-caloric, obesity patients and women can drink with an easy mind.

As it is low heat and low caloric, obesity patients and women may drink at ease Alcohol content: 3%

Ingredients: Barley malt, hop