Silybai Capsules
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Korea General Mannyon Health Corporation
Contact Address:  Taedonggang District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
Tel:  850-2-18111-381-8905

Ingredients: Silymarin, baicalin 

Effects: Protect liver from toxic, revive damaged hepatic cell, improve liver function, lower enzymatic activity and liver lipid level. Also it helps several metabolism activated to accelerate choleresis and remove waste from the body. 

Indication: It is used for acute and chronic active hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver, biliary tract disease (cholangitis, digestive disorder, loss of appetite), toxic dyshepatia (intoxication, alcoholism, damaged liver by radiation), prevention or treatment of hepatitis.

Dosage and administration: Take 2 capsules 3 times daily, 30 minutes after meal.