Natural Beauty Pack (Pasta style)
Manufacturer Information
Manufacturer:  Chonyon Health Products Company
Contact Address:  Sosan-dong, Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea
Tel:  850-2-18111(381-6132)

The Natural Beauty Pack is a natural functional cosmetic made from milk and natural plants that is good for the skin.

Natural Beauty Pack which has excellent moisturizing, whitening and beautifying effects, contains many physiological activators including natural vitamins, natural proteins and natural enzymes. It makes rough and dark skin bright and transparent, clean and clear, moisturized and soft so that you will look healthy and beautiful. 

It clearly removes contaminated elements in the skin, neutralize the side effects of cosmetics effectively, control the fat secretion to help better makeup and have adjust or supplement moisturize in the skin.

It is applicable to all skin type and eliminate freckles, blotches and pimples that is troublesome in one’s beauty. It is therefore a skin beauty treatment which enriches women’s beauty and is completely free from any side effects.

Indication: It is used as beauty treatment for anti-wrinkle, whitening and skin moisturizing. It increases skin elasticity and eliminates pimples, blotches, freckles and pigmentation.

Dosage: Put certain amount of powder into a plastic bowl, pour solvent into it, and then stir and mix them well with the plastic spoon until it turns a brownish mudpack.

Spread the prepared mixture over the face and neck to a thickness of 1 mm. Tap those areas with the plastic spoon or fingers.

The mudpack will be lifted up when it is dried. Wash your face with warm water after it is dried (It will take about 20 minutes ~ 1 hour). You will feel your skin smooth and fresh. You may use Natural Mudpack every day or week by following the above-mentioned steps.

If pimples and other symptoms get worse or do not disappear after the use of Natural Mudpack, it is a sign that there is disease in your entrails.

In this case, interchange taking Natural CardiHerb Capsules, Natural PancreoHerb Capsules, Natural HepaHerb Capsule, then your hands and feet will be warmer, your face colour changes and all diseases in your entrails will be cured in the end to solve the main sources of the troubles.

Package:  Powder 100g/bottle, solvent 100ml/bottle, plastic bowl and spoons

Storage: Stored in dry and dark place at 5-15℃.

While keeping this, you may find some sediments in the solvent, but it will not change the quality. Shake it well and use.

Shelf life: 1 year