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DPR Korea Chamber of Commerce (Abbreviation: KCC)
DPR Korea Chamber of Commerce (Abbreviation: KCC)

The DPR Korea Chamber of Commerce (Abbreviation: KCC) was established on August 25th, Juche 93(2004) as a non-governmental standing organization with the mission to provide exchange, cooperation and service to the trade companies and enterprises at home in the fields of trade and investment through relations with national and regional chambers of commerce, organizations for the promotion of trade and investment in other countries, and represent and protect their benefits at home and abroad.

KCC concludes and implements agreements on economic cooperation and exchange with relevant international organizations, foreign chambers of commerce and trade promoting organizations, hosts exhibitions and conferences to form commercial connection between enterprises and companies at home and abroad, and provides local companies and enterprises with business-related service including information about the international market and products, business consultation, business introduction, arbitration of commercial disputes etc.

KCC issues different kinds of authentication and certification documents such as written confirmation of corporate body, business items, confirmation of purpose of use, certificate of origin and a written confirmation of force majeure which are required for the implementation of contract including trade, investment, joint venture etc.

KCC is a member of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and has local trading companies, export-related enterprises, equity and contractual joint ventures as its local members, and foreign companies and enterprises hoping for trade, economic relations and cooperation with enterprises of the DPRK as its foreign associate members, and gives service for them.

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in Paris, France, informs KCC of informations for settling disputes arising in the international trade, and newly-enacted, upgraded international trade regulations, customs and practice, and KCC spreads them in the DPRK on a regular basis.

KCC has concluded agreements on mutual cooperation with chambers of commerce and industry, and trade promoting organizations from about tens of countries and regions such as Russia, China, Cuba, Singapore, India, Thailand, Poland, Belorussia, Czech, Mongolia, Egypt, Zambia and so on. KCC makes contributions to foreign trade of the DPRK through its activities of promoting non-governmental economy and trade.

KCC introduces and gives publicity to the DPRK policy on trade and investment in other countries, and it also arranges the exchange of business delegations in order to provide companies with the opportunities for mutual cooperation.

In Juche 96(2007), KCC successfully hosted “DPRK-EU Seminar” in Torino, Italy by organizing a delegation consisted of  tens of leading enterprises at home. It hosted the “DPRK-Mongolia Businesses Seminar” attended by over tens of enterprises from Mongolia, and the “DPRK-EU Enterprise Forum” as well in Pyongyang attended by over tens of European business men from Germany, France, Austria, Sweden and so on.

It put into effect tens of external economic transactions of traditional products of the DPRK including different kinds of Insam products, grassworks, embroidery, craftworks, Korean paintings, oil paintings, gem paintings, different kinds of ceramic manufactures, mother-of-pearl works, “Pomhyanggi” cosmetics etc. in Shanghai International Exhibition in May, Juche99(2010).

KCC invited chambers of commerce and industry, and business delegations from different countries and regions including delegations of Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Singapore Business Association, limited corporations in Jiangsu Province, China, limited corporations in Shandong Province, Mongolia Mining Association, SGS to arrange pratical discussions for many-sided economic and trade exchange such as trade cooperation and investment in light industry, foodstuff, mining, building materials, processing-on-commission in seafood breeding and textile, and the investment in nano-water refining technique, therefore creating favorable position over the world.

KCC publishes regular editions of the journal “Foreign Trade of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”.

DPR Korea Chamber of Commerce

Add: Jungsong Dong, Central District, Pyongyang, DPR Korea

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Members of KCC (Korea Chamber of Commerce)

1. Kumryun Trading Corporation

2. Korea Overseas Construction Corporation 

3. Jinsong Joint Venture Company

4. Mansudae Overseas Project Group of Companies

5. Korea Jangsu Trading Corporation

6. Cholryong Trading Company

7. Korea Cosmetics Trading Company

8. Korea Mandok Trading Company

9. Tongsong Bank, Kumgang Group 

10. Pothonggang Trading Company

11. Korea Tobacco Imp & Exp Company

12. Jongsong Trading Company

13. Sinbong Trading Company

14. Kumkhop Trading Company

15. Korea Samwon Trading Company