Songyong Building Materials Factory

Established on June 23th, Juche 102 (2013)

  Introduction: As a comprehensive production base of building materials widely known in the local market for its production and supply of various kinds of plastic processed products, colored iron plate roofing materials, the factory is making rapid development recently. It is located in Gwanmun –dong No 3, Raknang District, Pyongyang city.

  Equipped with advanced production assembly line with modernization level of new century, the factory produces various kinds of plastic tubes, colored iron plate roofing materials, plastic sheets for agriculture, etc. and conducts comprehensive services including design and building operation according to customer’s demand.  

  It also produces and sells various sizes of lightweight steel structures, iron fences and drawn pipes.

  In the future, the factory will produce and supply more necessary building materials to various sectors of the national economy by actively introducing state-of-the-art technology and realizing more precise production, sale and business management in the principle of credit first basis so that it will contribute to the improvement of the people’s livelihood. 

Songyong Building Materials Factory
Songyong Building Materials Factory
Songyong Building Materials Factory
Songyong Building Materials Factory
PPR 90°external screw
PVC 45° 3 rolled pipe
PVC 45°siphon 55
PVC3 rolled pipe (for draining)
PE 4 rolled pipe
PPR 3 rolled pipe
Poly vinyl chloride sheet
Automatic sprinkler
UPVC pipe for water supply
UPVC flange
UPVC butterfly valve
PVC 4 rolled pipe
PVC 3 rolled pipe
PVC 2 rolled pipe
PPR 45゜siphon
UPVC valve
PPR flange
PPR valve
PE valve
PPR 90° siphon (polypropylene)
Plastic ceiling lattice
Plastic ventilator
UPVC 3 rolled pipe (for water supply)