Unha Taesong Trading Company

Established in June, Juche 103(2014)

The Unha Taesong Trading Company specializes in the sale of “taeha”– brand products produced by Unha Taesong Foodstuff Factory.

Covering the total floor space of over 1 000 square meters, the Unha Taesong Foodstuff Factory is well equipped with automated production system of candy, cake, bread, processed meat and drinks, turning out a large quantities of several hundreds kinds of foodstuff.

With capable management team, the factory put primary efforts to consolidation of material and technical basis of production, while introducing various technical achievement incl. latest foodstuff processing technology and foodstuff security management and also making constant effort to improve the level of technique and skill of workers.

The various kinds of foodstuff produced by the factory, such as bread, processed meat, confectionary, beverage and milk etc., are winning good repute among the customers for its good-looking and peculiar taste and ensuring hygienic safety.

Making it as the management principle to develop new product meeting growing demand and taste of the people, the factory, in the future, will continues to direct investment to long-range and sustainable modernization of equipment, while improving the quality of products. 

E-mail: taehagh@star_co.net.kp

Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Unha Taesong Trading Company
Makkoli(Rice fermented Liquor)
Sponge cake
Milk bread
Onion flavor chips
Beef steak flavor chips
Cuttlefish-flavor chips
Potato chips
Perilla fried glutinous rice cake
Lysine biscuit
Peanut fried biscuit
Hawthorn candy
Schizandra cake
Matrimony cake
Sweet potato nutrition cake
Milk cake
Assorted milk candy
Orange jam-stuffed candy
Strawberry jam-stuffed candy
Cheese flavor milk candy
Coffee candy
Assorted jelly
Chocolate Caramel
Sponge Cake
Sponge Cake
Fruit Sponge Cake
Chicken Flavor Chips
Melon Flavor Candy
Strawberry Flavor Candy
Assorted Lollipops
Grape Flavor Candy
Assorted Sweets
Apricot Seed Flavor Candy
Apple Flavor Candy
Peach Flavor Candy
Banana Flavor Candy
Mango Flavor Candy
Peanut Sweets
Fried Rice Cake jelly-coated with Pumpkin Seeds
Fried Rice Cake with Cocoa flavor
Milk Biscuit
Cocoa Flavor Cream Biscuit
Assorted Crackers
Assorted Cookies
Assorted Sandwich Cakes
Vegetable Biscuits
White Grape Juice
Red Grape Juice
Draft Beer(11°,1L)
Draft Beer(11°, 1.5L)
Bean Jelly
Cocoa flavored Fried Glutinous Cake
Sesame Chocolate
Peanut Roll Biscuit
Seaweed Flavored Biscuit
Sodium Glutamate
Cocoa Layer Biscuit
Cocoa Cream Layer Biscuit
Cream Layer Biscuit
Bean flavored Milk Candy
Grape flavored Milk Candy
Sunflower Biscuit
Roll Biscuit
Strawberry Milk Candy
Butter Biscuit
Butter Cream Layer Biscuit