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The Development & Use of the Deep Sea Water and the Economic Collaboration in the DPR Korea
The Development & Use of the Deep Sea Water and the Economic Collaboration in the DPR Korea

 In DPRK, the scientific research is in progress to develop and use the deep sea water of the East Sea of Korea, while the establishment of the deep sea water industry is also underway.

1. The Unique Characteristics of the Deep Sea Water in the East Sea of Korea

According to the international research & analysis data as well as analysis report on sample water intaken from 1 000m deep sea at Kyongsong Bay, North Hamgyong Province, the deep sea water in the national economic water areas of the East Sea of Korea (600-2 000m deep) is similar to that developed and used in the east coast of China Taipei, the west coast of Japan and also the coast around Hawaii of USA, all of which have the best qualities throughout the world.

As for the deep sea water of the East Sea of Korea, its temperature is always below 0.2°C with the salinity of 34.1~35.5‰ and no physical and chemical pollution and colon bacilli exist. Along with the abundance of nutrient elements such as Si, P, N, K, etc., over 80 kinds of minerals and microelements exist in the type of oxidation-reduction water with the similarity to the human body fluids and the water molecule group consists of small molecules so that it can be readily absorbed into the human body and other living things.

The white rats used in the toxicity test were all safe to the third generation and the experiments to use the water for fertilizers and soil activators and for making foodstuff and cultivating microseaweeds have proved that it has the well-known unique characteristics of the deep sea water of the world. 

2. The Development & Use of the Deep Sea Water and Economic Collaboration

It is currently planned to continue survey of the water by using a survey ship, intake it for specific purposes and locate intake pipes even 1 000m deep under the sea, 5n.miles away from the coast. The intaken water is to be primarily manufactured by electric dialyzers, vacuum freezing graduators, anti-osmosis desalinizers and ultraviolet sterilizers and used in producing drinking water, medical stuff and cosmetics in accordance with the various demands.

It is also planned the cultivation of ocean microseaweeds and cold seawater fish farming, both of which use the deep sea water.

It is estimated that around US$ 5 million would be required to procure relevant equipment and materials for the intake, treatment and transportation of 3 000-5 000m3of water per day.

Additional investment would be needed for producing the large quantities of drinking water, biological growth promoter, cosmetics and medicines using this deep sea water. Also, further investment will be required for ocean microseaweeds cultivating and cold seawater fish farming by using the deep sea water, depending on scale of production and quality.

The ongoing intake location of deep sea water is about 80km far away from China.

Mode of Collaboration: Credit Compensatory Trade or in the way of organizing a Joint Corporation.

3. Proponent: The Committee for the Promotion of International Trade of the DPR Korea

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The Development & Use of the Deep Sea Water and the Economic Collaboration in the DPR Korea
The Development & Use of the Deep Sea Water and the Economic Collaboration in the DPR Korea
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